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1 carat equals 0.2 gram

A flawless 5.00 carat diamond weighs just 1.00 gram and has an impressive market value of 600,000 US dollars if it is flawless and of excellent quality. The value density of a natural diamond is therefore unrivaled.

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Diamonds are available in different cuts, colors and qualities, which increases their stable value and attractiveness as an investment. The quality of a diamond is determined by the so-called 4Cs: Carat (weight), Clarity (purity), Color (color) and Cut (cut). Their rarity, due to the limited natural resources of rough diamonds, gives them a particularly high stability of value.


Looking at the material properties of diamonds, specific advantages of this gemstone class become apparent. One outstanding feature is the value-to-weight ratio, which is particularly low compared to other investment objects such as gold, works of art, classic cars or fine wines. Another plus point is the compact nature of these stones: a diamond worth several thousand dollars is easy to transport and gives the owner a strong sense of freedom and independence - advantages that can be particularly important in times of crisis.

This is also linked to legal regulations and inheritance taxation: as diamonds are personal, movable assets (comparable to collector's watches), they are among the rare assets with high value that can be physically transferred to descendants in many countries without legal proceedings.



The idea of considering colored diamonds as a personal investment was born in the 1990s in response to the price explosion in the market for these diamonds. Twenty years later, after the world economy had recovered from the global economic crisis and colored diamonds had proven their superiority over other forms of investment, investor interest grew and the first investment portfolios based on natural diamonds were developed.

Over the past few decades, the prices of rare colored diamonds have recorded constant increases, making them one of the most stable forms of investment. For example, the price of blue colored diamonds has risen by 241% since 2005 and pink diamonds by 366%, without any significant losses during this time.

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The primary driving force for private collectors to adorn themselves with fancy color diamonds often lies in the pleasure of celebrating their distinctive sense of aesthetics and their own success in life. Still other enthusiasts view these diamonds as an ideal and enduring asset that can be passed down from generation to generation as a "messenger of portable wealth". In addition to Welcome Future AG, such a privately owned precious stone can also be sold via other digital or traditional channels in an emergency, including auction houses or specialized platforms for the resale of luxury items. The prediction that most diamond mines will be exhausted in around 60 years reinforces this idea and gives Fancy Color diamonds added significance and value.

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Argyle Diamonds

Argyle diamonds come from a mine in Western Australia that was known for its exceptionally high-quality and rare colored diamonds, particularly pink, red and blue diamonds. The Argyle mine had the world's most significant resources of colored diamonds. At the end of 2020, this mine was closed, limiting the availability of Argyle diamonds and increasing their rarity. What makes fancy-color diamonds from the Argyle Mine so special?

  • Rarity: The Argyle mine produced around 90-95% of the world's pink diamonds and a significant amount of blue diamonds. With its closure, the availability of these rare colored diamonds has become even more limited.
  • Increase in value: The limited availability and growing demand for Argyle diamonds have led to their prices rising every year.
  • Uniqueness: The color and clarity of Argyle diamonds are unique due to the geological conditions of the Argyle mine.
Natural Diamonds




The index for colorless diamonds has recorded a price increase of over 700% since 1960. Currently, the industry is experiencing renewed positive trends of recovery from the past 24 months. The values in the chart show natural diamonds weighing 1.01 carat with the best color, quality and clarity.



Fancy Color diamonds have shown an impressive development over the last 15 years. The average price of all colors and sizes of fancy color diamonds has risen by around 110% between 2009 and 2024.

Unlike conventional forms of investment, which are subject to market-related fluctuations in value, fancy color diamonds are primarily collected out of a passion for beauty and rarity. They have gained a firm place in the circle of collectors. Due to dwindling resources, new enthusiasts are constantly being attracted, leading to continued stability in this particular market segment. Valuables such as a work of art by Picasso, a Porsche 356 from 1960 or a 2-carat intense pink diamond may not provide ongoing income, but their value tends to increase or at least remain stable. For this reason, colored diamonds represent particular advantages as a long-term investment for the family estate.