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since 1982 in Switzerland

Welcome Future AG

The Diamonds Family Office.


The Enterprise was founded in 1982 by D. Leiser Sen. in Obwalden, Central Switzerland. Through his strong contacts and successful career in the hotel, commodity and investment industry, he came into early contact with first-class diamonds, also as a form of investment, and expanded the activities with gemstones and diamonds internationally.
In 2010 an important step was taken. D. Leiser Sen., together with his son Patrick N., graduated from the IGI in Antwerp as gemologists.

After some business experience in real estate management and international diamond business, son Patrick became a board of directors of Welcome Future AG in the beginning of 2017. Under his aegis, in the second generation, Welcome Future AG developed into a market-oriented company for alternative capital - investment opportunities. In addition, we are happy to provide you with information about current values of your existing diamond portfolio.

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Patrick N. Leiser

Managing Director


With Welcome Future AG you have a central contact person for all questions regarding our Family Office.

Patrick N. Leiser got his diploma as a polished diamond grader (IGI Antwerp) in 2010 and also holds a diploma from the Lucerne University as a certified wealth consultant. Welcome Future AG is a proud member of the RapNet, the most recognized diamond network in the world.

Whether planning your long-term investment strategy with diamonds, valuing your existing stones or sourcing rare diamonds on the international market, you will always benefit from our years of experience, in-depth expertise and our global network.



Investing in diamonds has many benefits:



Diamonds are definitely the hardest and most solid currency in the world. Why doesn't my local bank offer me an investment in diamonds?

Bankers are interested in committing as much capital as possible to themselves. They naturally give the advantage in sales and marketing to their own investment products.

Investing in "investment grade diamonds" allows continuous long-term increases in value. Especially in the case of movable assets, investment grade diamonds unfold a great potential. Diamonds bundle the greatest value in the smallest space. Therefore they are easily movable and can be traded worldwide without any problems. Trading in diamonds is not regulated by the stock exchange and price manipulation does not exist with natural diamonds.


Unlike gold, since its value depends on political decisions, changes on the world market, and currency fluctuations, diamonds are stable in value and can be calculated. In contrast to diamond investments, stocks involve a high risk of loss and their performance is difficult to calculate.

Our expert consultants will advise you comprehensively. An internationally recognized quality appraisal is a matter of course for us. Diamonds are worldwide secured in monetary value, furthermore they are not subject to any political or economic influences. As high quality investment products, diamonds are only available in limited quantities and are an ideal form of investment for investors who demand the best in business.


Every diamond from our company is issued with a certificate, which guarantees that it is not a conflict diamond! Diamonds offer investors high security and value growth: their quality criteria are clearly defined and their availability is limited.

Investing in diamonds promises high value gains. In the last 60 years, for example, a diamond of 1 carat (investment grade quality) has seen an increase in value of about 850%. The value stability and the long-term expected value increases are based on the fact that diamonds are natural raw materials and most relevant deposits are known worldwide. Thus, the production quantities are finite and a shortage with an accompanying price increase is the consequence.




Although we specialise in investment diamonds, a diamond bought as an investment can also shine in a piece of jewellery at any time. Here, too, we are at your side.

Together with jewellery designers from a small manufactory, we design a piece of jewellery around your diamond or diamonds according to your ideas.

Precise 3D drawings will give you a good idea of the final result even before production begins.

For us, the production of diamond jewellery is an art that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technological possibilities. This combination creates pieces of jewellery that do justice to the special value of diamonds.


3 Steps


After a valuable informational discussion, we open the investment portfolio together with you.

In doing a trust proposal, Welcome Future AG delivers the first deposit diamond directly to your hands, either in person or with a recognized security service. Only when you are personally convinced that the information we have provided matches your documents, you make the payment settlement within 7 days. At the same time, we will discreetly open a Swiss diamond deposit for you.

Investment concept

For a medium- to long-term investment, a personal, customized, well-founded investment concept is a pre-condition. We will develop this concept together with you in our office or on your premises.

Status report and depot optimization

Regular portfolio reviews and market analyses are standard at Welcome Future AG The Diamonds Family Office.